3D Renders

These are some Bub's 3D renders and videos. All images and videos were rendered in the free and open source software Blender, and some were edited further for color correction and realism in Adobe Photoshop.

Bub has been 3D modeling and animating for years and has amassed a portfolio of everything from photrealistic ArchViz renders to low tech animations made with minimal effort. Check out some renders of both original ideas and IPs such as Star Wars and Lord Of The Rings.

Be sure to check out Bub's 3D films as well at Beautiful Mind Media on Youtube.

F-22 Raptor Fighter Jet Animation

Space Nebulae

cg blue and pink nebulae high detail

Blue and Pink Nebulae

cg blue and pink nebulae high detail
blue and pink nebula ball blender
green and orange nebula in space render
teal nebulae in spcae cg
purple nebula cloud formations in space 3D render
cg red orange nebula in outer space


sci fi planet orange color with clouds stars and nova

Orange Planet

sci fi planet orange color with clouds stars and nova
blue sci fi planet with clouds
sci fi planet purple with yellow atmosphere
green planet sci fi with ocean
Malacandra Mars Out of the Silent Planet Space Trilogy C.S.Lewis
exploding planet space sci fi lava smoke
closer planet surface blue sci fi
planet surface with clouds cg
sci fi planet cg pinkish and blue

Random Images

sci fi desert cg

Desert Mesa Terrain

sci fi desert cg
cg temple water ruins
CG Cherry Flowers
sci fi spaceship and planets
cg sci fi spaceship and planets
planet with sun blender
cg sci fi planet with greenery
cg grass plants
plain apartment CG
CG 3D Kitchen
3D living room
guitar neck and strings CG
desert sunset
sci fi sunset over mountains
canyons water 3D desert
spaceship dropship flying sci fi
cg spaceship dropship model
fight craft ship takeoff sci fi
cg water caustics blue
CG Star Destroyer
under water scene with coral and fish 3D
CG camel and pyramids with satellite
House of Mim Lord Of The Rings Silmarilian
blender caustics marble
rubik's cube blender
CG flame green simulation
iceberg blender
IG 11 Star Wars 3D
pile of LEGO bricks cg
shark underwater caustics volumetrics blender
landscape chunk blender
snow tracks blender
snowy mountain peak 3D

Random Videos

Because I Can Episode 1